The Carrier’s Street

(Norwegian version) This street east of the railway line is named after Carrier Iversen. He started his business at Otta at the same time as the national railway company opened its service there.

Text: Per Erling Bakke

Adapted and translated into English by Ivar Teigum

Carrier Iversen came from Lillehammer, a town further south. He had a large stable and quarters for his employees, and carried passengers and goods to every part of the district from the railway end station.

 Vognmann Iversen på OttaCarrier Iversen with horse and carriage in the early 1900s.

In 1906 he took the royal company from Otta to Trondheim for the crowning of King Haakon in the Nidaros Cathedral, nine equipages with altogether 36 horses, which had to be changed every thirty kilometres.

Dette er vognmann Iversen på Otta.Carrier Iversen with his first car in 1913.

Later Simen Stenersen took over both the property and the business. For a long time he was a familiar sight at Otta as he carried goods with horse and cart between the store house at the railway station and the Sletten House shop. His son carried on the business until after the Second World War.