The Sletten House

(Norwegian version) The Sletten House is one of the oldest commercial buildings at Otta: Commercial enterprise was started in the 1890s.

Text: Per Erling Bakke

Adapted and translated into English by Ivar Teigum
Slettenhuset_19351935: The Sletten House, the family home to the right.

Examples of early activities connected with the building are a licenced inn, transport with horse and carriage, and dealing in building materials. Paul I. Sletten (18851958), was the first family member to be in charge of the business.

Paul SlettenPaul I. Sletten (in the middle) started his own local shop at Otta in 1919.

Paul I. Sletten established the first petrol pump at Otta. He was a co-owner of the major slate production enterprise in Sel, and he was active in the local sports club.

Before establishing his own shop at Otta, 21 years of age he rented the local shop at Selsverket in 1906. In 1919 he moved to Otta and bought what was to be known as the Sletten House, which he expanded in 1941.

Paul Sletten1906: The 21 year old Paul I. Sletten rented the local shop at Selsverket, four kilometers north of Otta.

Ingar Sletten (19202000) with his wife Kristi expanded the property and the business. They specialized in construction materials and hardware, and dealt in tools, paints, locks, and fittings. An early step was to join the nationwide Jernia chain store. In addition to the activities in the Sletten House Ingar established a workshop where among other items stove pipes and eavestroughs were made.

The present day owner is third generations in the same family to be in charge. In later years the family have widened the range to kitchen, household, and garden utensils.

Sletten-huset2008: The renovated building with a new slate roof and walls painted in a colour within the preferred range at Otta. The renovation choices earned the owner a local prize in the year 2000.

The Sletten House was renovated around year 2000 with a new slate roof and walls painted in colours according to aesthetic regulations at Otta. But the traditional façade was kept intact in the traditional style with large windows for display. The renovation choices earned the owner a local prize of the year.