Bondeheimen – The Farmers’ Inn

(Norwegian version) Bondeheimen – no. 9, Main Street – was The Farmers’ Inn . The parcel was bought in 1906 from the Loftsgard farm like most properties east of the railway line.

Text: Per Erling Bakke

Adapted and translated into English by Ivar Teigum
From the left Ågot Sundt, Ludvig Sedell, and Hildur and Axel Balch. Photo from the late 1940s.

The building itself, a log house from the 1680s, was moved from a farm in neighbouring Heidal.

In 1925 the property was bought by a couple who started a café, and had rooms to let, two single rooms and three double rooms.

From 1938 the establishment was run by Ågot Sundt, in her later days a Grand Old Lady at Otta.

During the German occupation officers had their quarters in the building, but the café was still kept open

In later years the building has been piously renovated and refurbished by its owner.

The slate roof has been replaced by slates of the same type with support from public means. But the café was closed long ago.

Bondeheimen in 2009.