The Aasen House

(Norwegian version) The founder of the Aasen House was Børre N. Aasen, who was a shopkeeper and shopowner in the area for nearly 50 years.

Text: Per Erling Bakke
Adapted and translated into English by Ivar Teigum
Dette er et bilde av Bærre Aasen.Børre N. Aasen behind the counter in his shop.

The Aasen House is situated at the west side of the railway line, on the Ola Dahl Street across from Ottekren and Thon Hotel.

Børre N. Aasen came from Biri by the lake Mjøsa in 1910. He started his career at Selsverket, four kilometers further north, before he moved to Otta. In 1919 he bought from Ottekren a patch of land across the main road which turned out to be too large for his purpose. The building was sold and has since served as an hotel, and as a base for public offices. Today the building has been converted into private apartments, and contains an institution for physiotherapeutic treatment.

The Aasen house on Ola Dahl Street with the adjoining storehouse.

The house, the Aasen House – Åsenhuset – named after its owner, was built as a three story building shortly after beside the one Børre N. Aasen sold.

That is where he opened his new shop, which was run by the family until the building was sold to new owners in 1971.


Dette er et bidle av Erlandsstugu pÃ¥ Selsverket.Erlandstugu at Selsverket,four kilometers further north, where Børre N Aasen started his commercial career, photo from 1913.